Retouch + Restore

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Here at BerryFlash we offer 6 types of Retouching and Restoration to meet your individual needs.

For individual slides or negatives that have one or two minor dust spots we offer an individual price of $5.00 per slide or negative.

For minor dust spots, color and contrast adjustments, small tears, small scratches, or similar we offer a basic price of $25.00.

For significant scratches, spots, tears, stains, fading or similar we offer a moderate price of $75.00.

For composition of adding, moving or delete people or items, major scratches, large marks, rips, or similar we offer a major pricing of $165.00.

For full colorization, repairing of faces, repairing small details, multiple large rips, multiple tears, missing pieces, or similar we offer an extensive pricing of $250.00

For all other major retouching needs including extreme surface damage needing total restoration please call for a custom quote.